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Tower Bluebell Girl

BB as she is known at home is a very well bred mare with royal connections. Her father, Ulleam of Croila, has previously stood at Her Majesty the Queens Balmoral Stud. For those who don't know, the Queen is also patron of The Highland Pony Society.

BB is one of the bigger girls at Heald Town. She stands out in the herd as she has striking facial markings due to her beginning to grey out, when she arrived at our stud she was a dark cream dun, now she is beginning to show some beautiful copper toned and dark grey dapples.

She has a lovely temperament with people and likes to be near the front of the que for attention, especially if there are children around. Koko is our main herd leader but with the girls currently separated into two herds BB has taken on the role of being in charge of Bertie's group and is doing a great job of keeping everyone in check.

BB's role at the stud is as a broodmare. She had her first foal with us, Heald Town Early Bird, in 2014 and she did a fantastic job. It is clear that BB was meant to be a mother.


After having a well deserved year off BB had her second foal to Bertie in 2016, Heald Town Celtic Gift, her third foal, again by Bertie, Heald Town Wooster was born in 2017.


A break then lead to BB running with Ghamjon Ernie in 2018, producing the lovely Heald Town Littlebit B in 2019. 

2020 saw BB paired with Glenmuick of Coynach for the first time, producing Heald Town Hooleyhey in 2021. 2023 saw her produce a lovely filly, Heald Town Bumble Bee - again by Glenmuick of Coynach.

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