Ghamjon Ernie

Ernie came to us from his breeders along with his older brother for handling when he was a yearling. He was shy and unhandled but we were very taken with his sweet nature. Truth be told we fell in love with young Ernie and as such he ended up a Heald Town resident.

Ernie's breeding is different to that of our stallion, Bertie, so the hope is that Ernie continues to mature as we expect and will produce high quality stock, allowing us to retain our own stock. Ernie's father, Aigas of Achnacarry has qualified for HOYS in 2016 and 2017, Ernie's grandfather is the great Glen Aigas and he is bred from Dene lines on his mother's side.

Ernie moves beautifully and has an excellent temperament as well as great conformation. Ernie was licensed as a stallion as a three year old in 2016 and we are delighted with his first crop of foals.

Ernie has covered three mares this season and will have offspring for sale in 2018.

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