Sherrifmuir Rhana

Rhana is half sister to Ru (Sherrifmuir Ruardh), sharing the same sire, Rum of Fourmerk. Rhana was one of those ponies that ended up with us 'by accident'. Rhana's breeder contacted us advising that Rhana was not well suited to her current home, she was too green and was bolting with her owner and she needed to sell, so much so that Rhana was heading off to a dealer if she didn't sell quickly. As Rhana has some lovely breeding, is of good type and conformation we decided to buy her in the hope she could become a great broodmare, like her sister.

Rhana went straight to our friends, Ivan and Tracy McMillan as they had a spare stable and a small, gentle Highland herd to keep Rhana company. Rhana was a little nervous at first but soon settled into their routine and her kind and loving personality has shone both with humans and other ponies. Rhana is a worrier and as such she will never be a show pony, despite being a good example of a Highland Pony. It is planned that Rhana will join us in Spring 2020 to run with one of out stallions in the hope she will become an excellent mother.

rhana 2

Rhana 3


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