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Rowan of Dull

Rowan is a beautiful mare, both in look and personality. She is unusual in colour and has a long black mane which is great fun to groom after a windy night on the High Peaks. She has a gentle nature and adores good bottom scratch.


Rowan resembles a bear in the winter she has a superb coat, she's the fluffiest of all of our ponies.

Rowan is out of Sharian Arina who is used as an endurance pony. Her father is the stunning bay stallion, Nicol of Forglen. Given that Rowan carries the bay gene we hope to run her with young Ernie at some point in the future to give a greater chance of producing some of the rarer colours.

Rowan had her first foal, Heald Town Finesse, in 2014. Rowan was a very good mother, initially foal proud but soon allowed Finesse to play with her sisters. Rowan's second foal, Heald Town Drumlin, was born in 2016 and we hope he will become a future breeding stallion at a newly formed stud. Rowan is running with Bertie again for a 2017 foal.

Highland Pony
Highland Pony
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