Marnonwells Ruadh

In keeping with her Scottish roots Ruadh is a gaelic word meaning Red, named due to her beautiful coat colour.


Red came to us as a proven broodmare from the Holmedown stud where she has produced some excellent quality foals that have been incredibly successful in the show ring. She is bred from well regarded lines, her sire being Highfield Glen Affric. Her colouring is yellow dun, although she is a little unusual having her mealy muzzle. She is a traditional stocky build who moves well. Red had her first Heald Town foal to our resident stallion Bertie in 2016, Heald Town Miracle, and we are delighted with what this pairing has produced.

Red is a characterful pony, she has her own unique ways and we very much love her for them. She likes to say hello and is often the first to greet us from the field. Red has shown that she is an excellent mother and enjoys being out with her herd. She is a kind soul altough doesn't always care for too much fuss, she only accepts cuddles from a select few humans. She is very much her own pony, perhaps one of the reasons we love her so dearly.

Having had a years holiday from breeding Red  ran with Ghamjon Ernie in 2017 producing the lovely colt foal, Heald Town Feorag Rudah (Red Squirrel) in 2018. Red had another year off and was paired again with Ernie in the hope of another strong foal in Spring 2020.

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