Lagalgarve Taranaki

We are extremely lucky to have Taranaki, or Teeki as she is known at home, at the stud. She is the last foal from the Lagalgarve Stud's foundation mare, Erray Hazel and we feel it is important to carry on such a valuable line for the breed.

Teeki was born to be a mother. When she first arrived with us in 2015 she became an important member of the herd very quickly. She became an auntie, taking the foals under her wing.


Teeki's first foal, Heald Town Reginald Jeeves, was born in 2017 and she has proven to be the most wonderful mother. As Jeeve's is her first foal she will have a year off in 2017 and will be put back in foal for a 2019 arrival. 

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