Holmedown Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs, or Ruby as she is known at home, is our princess pony. Ruby is a sweet girl, she enjoys a fuss and pamper which is a good job as she has one of the thickest and longest manes in the herd that requires regular detangling. The masses of mane is something her father, Glenmuir Buzzard, passes to all of his offspring.

Ruby is one of our shorter herd members, she is strong and compact, has excellent bone and moves incredibly well. All of these traits we hope she will pass on to her offspring in the future.

Ruby ran with Ghamjon Ernie in 2018 and produced a lovely 2019 filly foal. Heald Town Mara, She has been an excellent mother to Mara and has been left empty in 2019. We are currently considering whether to start her education as a ridden pony or whether to run her with junior stallion, Glenmuick of Coynach. Watch this space.

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