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Heald Town Hettie

Heald Town Hettie is an incredibly special little lady. She was born in 2016 and has been named after a very important pony, Clandon Hettie, who sadly passed away in early 2016. 

Clandon Hettie was an adorable pony, mother to our main stallion, Clandon Bertie Wooster. Hettie belonged to a young lady, Eva Keely and her mum Sarah. Without Hettie we would not have our much loved Bertie and we felt it only right to honour her in some way. We asked Eva if she would kindly name our little filly. She decided to call her Effie, or Heald Town Hettie for her show name.

Effie is such a sweet filly. She enjoys cuddles and human company very much, just like her grandmother did.

Heald Town Hettie
Highland Pony filly
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