Edindurno Fraoch

Fraoch is one of our foundation mares. She was purchased from the Knockandy Stud along with her filly foal, Knockandy Rose, who we have retained.


She is a traditional Garron type Highland Pony and her name too is traditional meaning Heather in Scottish Gaelic. Fraoch is very true to type with her pony head, depth of chest and superb bone. She moves extremely well and has produced high quality foals. Froach has a daughter, Knockandy Erica, who is now breeding at Kilnacasan Stud in Germany.


Temperament wise Fraoch is more of a ponies pony than a peoples pony. She loves being out with the herd and doesn't care for too much fuss for human company. This said she always acknowledges her favourite human, Carolyn Ashcroft, with a whinny. She is as gentle as a lamb and will stand in the field to be groomed but when she's had enough she will slowly walk off back to the herd.


Fraoch is  an excellent mother and in 2016 produced a strapping colt foal, Heald Town Moorlander, who will no doubt have outgrown her in no time, just as her other boys have. Having had a year off in  2016 Fraoch was to be back in foal to Bertie for 2018, producing Heald Town Tobermory.  Fraoch is also mother to three ridden geldings. All of which are good strong boys, Knockandy Archie, Knockandy Scotsman and Heald Town Mr Brock.


After a well deserved break Froach ran with Ghamjon Ernie in 2019 and is in foal for 2020. We are very exited to see what this first time pairing brings.

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