Ruardh of Sherrifmuir

Ruradh, or Ru as she is known, is a very special mare. Her bay colouring is quite rare within the Highland Pony breed and one with good conformation, temperament and fitting to breed standard is incredibly rare.


Ru is a big, powerful mare who has a wonderful action, a joy to watch. She has a very sweet soul and enjoys company from people and ponies alike.


Ru arrived in 2015 originally on breeding loan from the Sherrifmuir stud.  She settled quickly into the herd and of course has since become a permanent resident at the stud.


 Her first foal who was born in 2017 is by Clandon Bertie Wooster. The pairing produced a lovely foal, Heald Town Rambler. We were thrilled with Rambler and as such Ru was put back to Bertie, giving us the lovely Heald Town Tawny Owl who we have retained at the stud. After having a well earned year off Ru ran with Ghamjon Ernie in 2019 and is expecting an arrival this Spring,

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