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Clandon Bertie Wooster

Bertie is our main breeding stallion at Heald Town Stud. He is a gentle pony and most who meet him are surprised by his laid back nature. Bertie was bred for his temperament by the Clandon Stud. Clandon's ponies were originally bred for the disabled so Bertie's wonderful manner has been bred in his lines for generations. Bert's favourite past time is giving kisses.

Bertie is a very true to type pony who excels in his movement, one trait that he has passed to all of his offspring to date. He has a very neat pony look with plenty of flat bone. Bertie is very fit and we have never known him carry excess weight, which most will know is rare for a Highland. He runs on hill fields to keep his muscle and condition and looking after a large herd of girls it's not too surprising that he keeps himself trim, he spends plenty of time getting out of their way when he wants some peace and quiet.

Bertie was born in 2006 and is by the stunning Bert of Osclay (Earl of Whitefield x Katedene). He has the look of his father and sweetness of his mother, Clandon Hettie


Bertie consistantly produces excellent stock and stamps them all with beautiful heads and superb movement.

Bertie was gelded in 2017 having done a great job for the stud for a number of years. He has now gone to live in a new home where he is enjoying life as a one on one ridden pony.

Highland ponies for sale
Highland ponies for sale
Clandon Bertie Wooster 2015
Bertie 5
Bertie 2
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