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Blar Bhaeg Crunluath

Luath joined our herd in 2015 along with her daughter Arabella. She is a proven broodmare having previously bred high quality stock, including licensed stallions, at the Holmedown and Lochmore Highland Pony studs.

In the main Luath was purchased for her old breeding lines, She is compact and stocky with good bone, all qualities we are keen to preserve within our Heald Town stock.

She has already proven herself by producing the lovely Heald Town Charles Darwin, who in 2020 as a 4 year old has just received his stallion license.

Luath also hides a secret within her genetics. She has been colour tested and is confirmed to be a carrier of the red gene which is very rare within the Highland Pony breed. This means that with the right pairing she is able to produce the scarcely seen 'fox dun' colour. Whilst type and conformation is far more important than colour we would be delighted if Luath's pairing with young stallion, Ernie, will produce some of the rarer colours.

Lu had a colt foal by Ernie in the Spring of 2019, Heald Town Walter Scott. Having had a year off Lu then produced her first foal by Glenmuick of Coynach - Heald Town Alber Einstein.

We were pleased with the paring and Luath had her second Glen baby in 2023 - this time a very friendly filly - Heald Town Marie Curie.

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Highland Pony For Sale
Highland Pony For Sale
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